[Event/Assignment] Anibee @ ICDS

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

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So Sunday (two days after DF PCP), was my one-day ad-hoc assignment at ICDS! Spotted anibee's FB advert for a part-timer (two actually) and I got the job ((:

Pardon for the lack of pictures, still not used to taking many many photos yet. Plus my camera seems out of focus lately =\

So what's my job

Basically I had to dress up in a meido costume. It was not as awkward as I had expected. 5 minutes into the costume and I forgot about being in it, except when people randomly ask for photos. Was a mini-mini celebrity, because I was 'bonded' to the anibee booth, which deterred some photographers. The boss would ask why they wanted a picture together :P

The pink and white costume! 

The free water and doraemon if you signed up as a member (:
I had to tweet about the anisong finals as well! There were 8 finalists and 4 judges. Once they finished singing, we had to tabulate the results immediately xD Winner was Skye with $300 dollars! She had to split it with her guitarist though :P 1st runner-up was Ryodo, 2nd runner-up was Deborah. They also won a nice trophy as well as 1 year premium Anibee membership. Congrats to all winners (:

From top to bottom, left to right: Skye, Kathleen, QB-sensei, Noelle, Grace, Ryodo, Deborah, Sode

And when this was over, it was back to manning the booth, giving out flyers, getting sign-ups for the free membership as well as for the ambassador hunt 2012 (and getting my photos taken ><). All in all, it was a fun event with pretty good cosplayers and a ton of photographers. A good place to grab photos would be here. There will also be posts from past cosplay-related events. (:

ICDS also featured a cosplay catwalk and competition. They also had a cosplay chess segment which could have been more exciting if the rest of the cosplayers did not have to leave the stage and come back after every 'battle'.

I got a little freebie from anibee too (:
oooo it swimssss

A little more about anibee

anibee is Singapore’s first official J-Culture Portal, dedicated to promoting and providing a wide variety of content in Japanese Anime, Manga, Toys, Games and Cosplay. anibee also provides on-demand videos of the most popular Anime with FREE access as well as subscription based Premium content.



  1. You look really prim. XD Not as 'cute' as expected! More like the real kind of neat and tidy maid.

    1. Haha maybe it's just my face at that time, a bit stoned. If I smiled, it might have been better :P