Canary in the Museum

, by dollonstrings

No point of owning pretty clothes if you don't take pretty pictures while you're young. =)

 My friend and I took turns taking photos of each other. It was also an opportunity to try each other's clothes on... The dress I'm wearing in the first picture belongs to my friend. It is an earlier dress by Angelic Pretty - the Canaria JSK. I haven't posted my friend's pictures, so you don't get to admire my photography skillz. )X Except the top mirror photograph, of course.
The parasol is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The skirt is Moi Meme Moitie! My first Moitie item. =) It's the Chandelier SK I'd tried selling it off, but after several fall-throughs, I decided to just keep it. It's a very wearable item, except that it's white. White isn't ideal, because it gets dirty easily. Perhaps it'd be more accurate to say that dirt is simply more visible.

Another shot of the canaria jsk. My arm looks really fat here... Time to exercise some more.


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