[Game] iPhone App: Cafe Sudoku

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

My recent fun application! I've always liked this game, initially playing it way back in secondary school when it came in the weekly papers. And now I've got a decent one on my iPhone (:

As you can see, it features 5 game modes. You have to unlock the game modes by playing and winning the previous mode a particular number of times. Since I love this game so much, I easily cleared all the modes except for expert. Only the expert mode gave me trouble :P

How it looks like in expert mode

The aim of this game is to make sure that 1 to 9 is placed in every row, column and 9-box. No number should repeat itself in a row, column or 9-box. So it is technically a logic game, rather than a number game. You can switch between placing a tile, or writing down possible choices. The good thing about this is that once you've filled in a correct tile, all the other places that are now impossible for that number disappear. So you don't have to manually re-check all the pencil notes you've made previously (:

A finished grid in expert mode :D

Fail D:
The thing about this game is that you can fail despite clearing the grid xD You can only make up to a certain number of mistakes in order to pass the grid. I think it was 5 mistakes in Medium mode and about 3 in Expert Mode. So you've got to be careful when pressing those buttons. I've made a few careless mistakes by accidentally pressing '4' when I wanted '3', for example.

Overall a fun game, especially if you like sudoku and can't get enough of it!



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