[Personal] Dinner at Coca Restaurant

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Dinner at Coca Restaurant at Ngee Ann City yesterday. Chose the dinner buffet instead of the ala carte. 

Price: $38++ (non-inclusive of drinks)
Selection: Good and fresh (*****)

You would have a basic set of about 10 dishes given to you. Whatever else you would like had to be ordered on pink slips of paper provided at the table. The raw dishes will then be placed on another table they would set up next to your dining table, so your dining table is less cluttered (and you can order all you want without worrying if there's enough space!).The soup would taste bland at the beginning, but throw in lots of food and it'll be delicious :D It is a pricey buffet, but well worth its price, I believe!

Enjoyable dinner overall ((:

The cutlery! Bowl on the right is to put chilli lol.

The drinks station of sorts.


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