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, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

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A long long overdue post. Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to intern at IMH's special programme, Early Psychosis Intervention Programme (EPIP) for a month. Like I told my supervisor, I was quite skeptical about the effects and efforts put into all their awareness campaigns. Do they actually work? To what extent do they make a difference? Does the effect last?

The short answer is, they do. The effects are not immediate (delay of gratification, anyone?), but the aim is to equip people with the knowledge that help is available, and where to get help. Also with the hope that these people will pass on this knowledge to other people they meet, who may seem to need some help and support.

Find out more about my internship experience under the cut (:

If you're looking for an internship which is not research-based, you can consider the fun EPIP department, and join them in planning, designing and executing their awareness campaigns ((: Of course, research-based internships are also available.

What did I do?

While working at EPIP, I had to help out with their new initiative, CHAT. Here's a short excerpt of my internship 'highlights':
  • manning of the CHAT Hub at *scape
    • The CHAT hub is a relaxing place where people can just walk in and study/read/play. There are free computers, drinks as well as wi-fi! Also, this is the place where you can seek help for yourself or someone you know.
  • helped out at Youth-Support-Youth (YSY) training 
    • CHAT is actively involved in conducting trainings and workshops in ITEs and universities.
  • planning and execution of the roadshow at Republic Poly
    • Creating mental health awareness is important! So there are frequent road shows and awareness campaigns to reach out to the public. It is heartwarming to see people respond sincerely.
  • write-up of launch of Lishan’s book, A philosopher’s madness
I felt that this internship has given me new knowledge on the administrative support given to case managers and psychologists, and on the processes and difficulties in carrying out awareness campaigns to tackle the stigma of the mentally ill. What I liked about the internship is that it was not research-based. I also had friendly and supportive supervisor and colleagues. In addition, I feel that I am now equipped with more information on how to help and support my peers, and how to handle myself in a low period.



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