[Personal] Life direction

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Saw this on my Newsfeed, and thought that it would be nice to share. Original response to a question on Quora.

This is the question:

Life: For a 25 year old who has a lot of interests, and lack of direction in life. How does one pick a happy and fulfilling career?

That sounds a lot like me (but I'm not 25. Yet.). How do you separate real passion from just hobbies and interests? Or can you just work on each of them in turn? Which one do you work on first?

Check out the comic strip answer here! I put a link to the picture because showing it directly here doesn't do it justice (shows up too small here).

So what do you think? I hope it provides you with an alternative view of what you're doing with your life right now (:

And to go along with the randomness of this post, this is the one handicraft that I have been working on for years:

The Last Supper
This was made for my mum's dear friend and colleague for her projected 80th birthday. Sadly, she's passed away due to cancer, but I still want to finish it and present it to her at her grave. がんばってto me!

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  1. What an encouraging comic from you!
    Thank you!
    Me too...share the same sentiments as you:
    If 1 area of our lives fail...nvm there's many more to life than that!
    Jia you! ♥

  2. Thank you for your encouraging comment too! Yes there's a lot more to life than just one thing/passion, so be brave and take that first step to try out new things (: