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  Recently I asked some friends to help me buy concert goods. Mizuki Nana is one of the strongest influences I have for singing, as well as my all-time favourite singer. =D
Speaking of Nana-sama, some SGrean fans have started an unofficial fan blog. It's not bad, so do give them your support if you support Nana. here!:
They cover their visits to her concerts, sneak previews of her new songs, etc. =)

I got two nana-scrunchies from Live Union. One to keep and one to proclaim my love in my hair. =)))
*hops around in joy*

But back to goods. Receiving all these goods made my heart feel warm. =))))
This is Otabe! Yatsuhashi is the product of Kyoto. :3 There were two boxes, one ginger with red bean filling(eaten!)and one green tea.




IMG_4849 IMG_4850 IMG_4851
IMG_4852 IMG_4853
22 cards each quarter. Ignoring the birds, 'cause they're not as important!


Nana's unrivalled cuteness! *squee*


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