[Taobao] Organizing your life?

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Looking for cute, cheap yet functional organizers? Searching for affordable and cute packaging to carry your items around? Overwhelmed with the number of sellers selling the same things at different prices and wondering who to trust? Introducing to you two sellers whom I have bought goodies from and is pleased with their products (:


This seller mainly deals with items that help you in organization, whether it is your clothes, make-up, accessories or your life in general. I bought an organizer from this seller (which has been taken down once it's been fully sold), and it's still in good condition even after 8 months! The quality is comparable to that sold in Artbox (: Yet they have more designs at a cheaper rate!


This seller has a similar theme, with emphasis on paper lace and current obsession: eiffel towers! Fast and efficient seller with good products (: Especially love the stickers that I bought form this seller (: They will make an awesome addition to any notebook or writing materials.



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