[Assignment] Moonfest - A Mid-Autumn Celebration

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So just last week, I finished my next assignment from Esplanade: Moonfest concourse!

Overall, a good experience working at Esplanade so far! Listened and appreciated more music and performances from the traditional Chinese genre (been mostly J-pop now).

Pretty lanterns!

Read more under the cut to find out more about more about Moonfest, and what I did there!

What is Moonfest?

Launched in 2005, Moonfest – A Mid Autumn Celebration is an annual Chinese arts festival held in celebration of the mid-autumn festival, Chinese artists and traditional art forms. Through traditional Chinese performances, workshops and talks, it seeks to inspire and expose audiences to the intricacies of Chinese language, arts and culture.

With its eighth run from 28 – 30 Sep 2012, the festival is set to bring a delightful and colourful array of Chinese traditional programmes for everyone!

Their programmes

So as with all Esplanade Presents series, there are ticketed performances (must pay to watch) and the free performances in outdoor venues such as the Edge, Outdoor Theatre, along the Waterfront, the Library, and the Concourse!

Highlights include Chinese opera, ensemble performances, puppetry, dance, lantern riddles, cross talk and the popular lantern walkabout.

The decorations outdoors!

So who was at the Concourse?

You can read more about them on the Moonfest website: http://www.moonfest.com.sg/2012/moonfest/free.htm

28 Sept: Female soprano Yin Yue & pianist, Su Heng
She's really good! And so is the pianist (: I wish I could be as musically/vocally competent. I could only recognise one song she sang though :P need more exposure.

SOKA Chorus

Left to Right: Yvonne, Sophie, Indra

29 Sept: Soka Chorus, Zheng Harmonies 
Both had repertoires that were a lot more recognizable to me :P The crowd was good too, even for SOKA Chorus in the afternoon. Managed to take some time to walk out and see another performance at the Outdoor Theatre. Zheng Harmonies did really well, some patrons thought they were performers from overseas because they were so good :P

Fun DJ

Crosstalk Perf 1
Crosstalk Perf 2 (loved this one best!)
Crosstalk perf 3!

30 Sept: Fun DJ, Young People's Performing Arts Ensemble
6 DJs came down to give a 'performance' of how it would usually look like in the studio during a broadcast. Interesting and hilarious, especially the dialect portions. Makes me glad that I can at least understand some dialects. I can't speak them though.
YYPAE gave crosstalk 相声 performances which were quite exaggerated. The audience was quite amused, but the most laughter came from the kids. Maybe the adults didn't dare to laugh too loudly? :P Fun bunch of people to be with (:

What I did?

Generally, I try to make the artists performing at the venue feel comfortable and welcomed to perform in Esplanade, by helping them to get whatever they possibly need, so that they can give their best performance without a worry (: Also, I try to keep them on schedule for their sound checks and performances (artists are generally very responsible people, so not much work there!). I was in charge of concourse, so I looked after everyone performing there. Missed the lantern walk though ):

I really wanted to work at dan:s festival this month, but my schedule did not allow for it T.T But it's okay, there is always Baybeats festival.

I am getting the hang of the 'lay of the land', and the staff are always quite friendly to help. I like the new shirt design too :D Black is always awesome. Met the famous concourse auntie who is very friendly and feeds us food, haha :D

I also managed to get some studying done (I had to watch each performance 4 times including rehearsal, might as well study for the upcoming midterms)! :D

Snacks from Daiso while studying!

It is the time for midterms for the university students (aka me), but fret not, as I have posts scheduled every 3-4 days, so do check back for more (:

Also, my Mid-Autumn celebrations aren't over yet! I will be attending SNGS Moonlight Party, so stay tuned for coverage on that (:

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