Coco Ichi + OOTD

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Since I watched AKB48's 600 Seconds, I've wanted to try Coco Ichi's curry katsu rice~~
So I went there with Sandra yesterday. =) I still want to try the original one in Japan, but that will have to wait for next year's trip with Amaya and rage and awin-chan.

Why Coco Ichi? Because Mariko loves it!


I'm still looking for that hat she bought in the hat shop!
OOTD + curry rice photo under the cut.

^What I ordered. I was feeling quite wasteful and dumb yesterday because I forgot I bought the train concession and tapped in using my bus card. ;___; so since I wasted 40 cents, I decided to save money by going for the less rice (minus one dollar) option.

Yummy! I've had curry rice at three other curry rice places in SG. I can say that this is much more to my taste than the others. The other places tended to be really thick or really salty (and drinks were expensive. ;___;) You can choose your level of spiciness and additional toppings are available for $$.
Water was provided at no additional charge.

Taste-wise, the pork was tasteless (but I've come to expect that of japanese pork rice. Better than the not-fresh taste you get from the pork that comes in ramen.), but the curry provided enough flavour. Rice with the curry was nice. I'd say the curry was a little too thin. It could have been thicker.

And the outfit I wore today:
Baby's Koitsukihime stained glass skirt.


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