[Event] Exhibition: 2nd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest

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A couple of weeks ago, I headed down to catch a fashion exhibition! Organized by Japan Creative Centre, the 2nd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest aims to create an opportunity for students from Fashion Schools in Singapore and Bunka Fashion School in Tokyo, Japan to exchange and promote ideas on the growing importance of sustainability and responsible design within the Fashion Industry.

The top 6 winners

More awesomeness!

Sustainability is very much linked to the Japanese philosophy of MONOZUKURI (craftsmanship). The Japanese craftsmanship has a long tradition of producing things that are environmentally friendly, taking into account the fabric characteristics and the environment and made things that last with minimum wastage.

This year, it is combined with Harajuku Fashion and 10 finalists from each country will be exhibiting their garments. The exhibition was held at Japan Creative Centre for a week.

Each clothing exhibit had a board detailing their inspirations from Harajuku as well as their conception, explanation and fabric swatches! It was really cool to see how they recycled clothing, accessories and even garment bags and origami, things you wouldn't think that it could be made into something you can wear!

Shili Law: 1st Prize Winner (Singapore)
Made from a garment bag!! O: I think it's water-proof.

Hirotaka Shintani: 1st Prize Winner (Japan)
Made from three large cotton shirts, and some aluminium rings. I like how the designer even handcrafted a pair of tights to match (:

Benny Low: 2nd Prize Winner (Singapore)
Have some old jeans you can't bear to throw away? Throw in some creativity, some inspiration and you get Harujuku-themed wear :D

Rika Harada: 2nd Prize Winner (Japan)
The particular piece can be worn in 4 different ways! :D As the picture describes, you can get four different looks by just turning the garment around. I really like the colours.

Petrick: 3rd Prize Winner (Singapore)
This looked kinda cool :D
Michelle Syban Karllene: 3rd Prize Winner (Japan)
This one was made from a kimono :D Sorry for the out-of-focus photo ):

They placed the consolation prize winners in a separate room. Let me show you some of my favourites :D

Pretty piece made from Harajuku wear, for pregnant women!

A pretty dress made from Japanese school uniforms!

These garments can be worn in several different ways! Shirt, scarf etc.

Nice fan design.

Voting form!

You even have a voting form, where you can vote for your favourite piece from Japan and Singapore respectively. The winner from each country gets an additional $500, and all voters enter a lucky draw to get free tickets to Japan Couture Night! O:

I really like how the whole exhibition panned out. And that you could take all the pictures you wanted and even touch the clothings :DD (or maybe they didn't catch me >_>)

For the full collection of photos, please check out this FB album here!

Missed it? Find out more about JCC below! Like their page, and never miss another event!
4 Nassim Road S(258372)

JCC looks so pretty (:


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