New tumblr!

, by dollonstrings

Shassu! dollonstrings here. School has just started, and my head is whirling with pyruvates and osmolality.
I've decided to post my random photos on tumblr instead of spamming this blog too much, so feel free to follow me here: !
Since I want to take photography more seriously and take more pictures from now on, I foresee a huge increase in the number of photos I'll be storing on my computer, unposted. u__u
There's going to be a halloween lolita meet this saturday, and the week after as well, so busybusybusy.
Excited to take photos of the pretty lolis! Amaya will be coming too. n__n

The picture above is that of an abandoned railway bridge.
I spent some time in my holiday looking for nice photoshoot locations, and from a quick online search, it seemed like the bridge at Sunset Way would be perfect. Alas, it is no longer open to the public, but fenced in with 'danger keep out' signs.


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