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, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

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A few weeks ago, I bought a groupon for a 10 Course Hokkaido Teppanyaki Set. Check out all the awesome foodies and my thought on the whole dinner below!

Can you identify all of them?

I had to call to make a reservation, and they gave me a choice on sitting at a table, or sitting at the teppanyaki table, where you get to see the chef making all the foods. Plus you get the foods first, because you don't have to wait for the waiter/waitress to come in to collect the food to deliver to your table. The food is always best eaten hot, so I think for some sitting at tables might received their food a little cooler than best. Only downside is that you'll smell like the teppanyaki area after you're done eating lol.

Lucky for me, I chose the teppanyaki seats. :D

When it's nice and clean and unused (:

The other teppanyaki stove, which was used as a place to put his serving plates

Foodie Reviews!

Now I'm no food connoisseur, so I'll just give my two cents on whatever they served (:

First dish up was the sashimi! Fresh and standard-tasting. Nothing too special.

Homemade Pitan Tofu. I think in the original picture the tofu went on top of the sauce, but for this one they just poured the sauce all over it ): But it tasted yummy!

You could have a choice of mixed salad or moyashi itame (fried bean sprouts). We both picked the salad. Quite nice. (:

The Teppan Salmon! Best eaten hot. Nothing special. The egg was nicely cooked though.

You could also choose the Hokkaido Ginkarei (Hokkaido Halibut Fish) if you didn't want to eat salmon. Bad choice IMO. By the time they remembered we had ordered this, it had come to us cold. It might have tasted better hot.

Hokkaido Ikura Chawan Mushi (Steamed Custard Egg with Hokkaido Beni Salmon Roe).
Long name, but worth its name in yummyness (:

Hokkaido Hotate (Hokkaido Scallop). Best eaten hot. Quite well-cooked!

Again, you get a choice here! Either the Teppanyaki Chicken (above) or the Teppanyaki Wagyu Tenderloin Beef (below).

*Amaya's favourite here!* Beef was soft and tender!

The other yummy dish is the Garlic Fried Rice. Fragrant and full of flavour :D

Miso Soup.

Choice of Mocha or Mango Ice-cream. Mocha ice-cream is handmade. Tastes good (:

Overall, I feel that this groupon does give value for money spent (:

Drinks were not included in the groupon, so we had to pay for the hot green tea we ordered. But it was free flow, so quite worth it (:

Unlike my other groupon on crepes. I may blog about it another day when I have the time.

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant
81 Anson Road
M Hotel Level 9
Singapore 079908
Tel: 6221 3075 or 6500 6121


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