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It's a little late to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, but better late than never! SNGS held their Moonilght Party last Saturday, and being an alumnus, it was a great opportunity to check out the new compound, meet up with friends and eat all the comfort food I used to eat back in secondary school.

If anyone wants to go back to SNGS for Orange Bowl Noodles, please ensure that you're in proper clothing (covered shoes, shorts of decent length, no spaghetti shirts etc) and only after 3PM. They only allow visitors after 3PM, and Uncle Pang finishes selling orange bowl by 4PM++, and is gone by 5PM.

I wanted to wear my red cohort T-shirt, but when I dug it out from the recesses of my cupboard, I found this:

Horrid stain ):
So I went in normal clothes. I have not been to the new compound ever since they moved back earlier this year, so it was a great surprise!

School from the slope leading up to the main gates

Welcome sign!

Scenery down the long walk into the school.
 If you were ever late for school, it's a horrendously long run in.

After that long walk in, we finally reached the parade square where all the main happenings were. happening.


XXMM performing!

Live accompaniment!
Banner hand-sewn by alumni.
 And if you thought that was a good crowd, check out the canteen where all the awesome food is being sold!

Of course, most SN girls have to try out the orange bowl, manned by the dear Uncle Pang. They only prepared about 300 bowls that day, and it was completely sold out, noodles, fishballs, soup. Completely.

The queue! Average waiting time: 1 hour.
Guess who ended up with only soup.
 You couldn't buy anything in the canteen using cash. You had to buy the coupons in $5/$10 denominations.

You could also get the awesome booklet that held all the details and floor plans for free :D


The back is fashioned like an old SNGS exercise book cover!

Moonlight Punch. Disappointing.

The cool LED LIGHTS!

Lighting-up ceremony
 The alumni crew hand-crafted lanterns for every single XMM taking their PSLE or O-level examinations.

The star of the show

Mrs Hwang!

I only enrolled into the school after she left, but she's so well-loved by the school that she's of legendary status. xD All around me I found mothers, pregnant women, old girls all going 'she's my school principal! the best role model ever' like she's an idol.

But she has done a lot for this school, and she loves the student body so so much.


Calligraphy by one of our very own teachers (:

Singing accompaniment by the old girls! (:

KooriMo Ice Cream. Tastes like a rich blend of ice-cream & cake.

Did I mention that POKKA was the official drinks sponsor? My favourite brand for green tea (:

Other collaborations included online shop owners who graduated from the same school! Special Moonlight Party discounts, and you could just collect them at Moonlight Party itself!
Antipodean (I found their website really hard to navigate for some reason.)
Pegs & Buttons
Pupsik Studio

This event was organized by SNGS Alumnae Association.



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