Photo dump time!

, by dollonstrings

I was trying to figure out all the function on my camera and just generally familiarising myself with taking pictures. And why not get some pretty out of it while I'm at it? I got my two good-looking friends to walk around a garden and look pretty while I took pot-shots at them.

edit: note! The pretty model here is my aspiring actress friend Xiao Qi.
Here is her facebook page!!/valerieyimei?fref=ts

My friend who knows about photography has slammed my skills pretty badly, so please take these photos in a lenient manner. u__u we all have to start somewhere.

I was sweating buckets! The place is so humid because of the pond, but is really beautiful.

Where is this place? You want to take photos there too?
hint: it's on the red line! Pretty darn near the MRT.


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