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, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

A few weeks months back, I finally managed to finish the whole anime series of Macross Frontier and the two movies (The False Songstress & Wings of Goodbye). Introduced to this series by dollonstrings, I was primarily attracted to the music of the show rather than the content itself. But I decided to watch the show after all.

After watching the series, I watched the full lives of the Macross F tours, with the most recent one released in 2010, I think, called cosmic cuune.

I enjoyed their music so much, that I bought two CDs from Yesasia. Check them out below!

Left: cosmic cuune, Right: Universal Bunny

Left: cosmic cuune, Right: Universal Bunny

Overall, I would rate this series a 4/5 (a bit higher because of its catchy music). Not for kids. Moderate fan service content.

Spoilers ahead!

My impressions of the anime?

The characters are very different from what I originally envisioned them to be xD Alto was annoying and it felt like the producers were just utilizing him wherever they could for comic relief. The whole series is a lot more explicit than other song/idol-based animes I've watched, with all the blood and nudity involved.

The movies messed up the timeline of the original anime, I felt. It was so confusing because Michael kept coming back alive when he already died somewhere in the anime series, and he was still alive after the implication that Sheryl & Alto 'died' at the end of the 2nd movie. Okay, they both actually survived, and were reunited according to two sketches in the movie artbook that was later released.The first movie was boring, feeling like a compression of the original anime episodes, just with new songs & new information. Not worth it, in my opinion.

And yes, I was really quite devastated when Michael died in the anime. T.T

Of the albums?

I liked what I got. I heard most of the songs before I got the albums, so I knew that I was getting majority of what I would like to hear. What impressed me most was that there was a winter version of Seikan Hikou called Seikan Eve! It featured Megumi Nakajima and May'n and an awesome harmony!! And it has a better, slightly slower backing track. But no karaoke tracks were included with the two CDs ): But! Some of the karaoke tracks are available in Cash Studio! Only in the rooms with the newer machines (Club Dam G100). The albums are pretty too (: Their other duet in this album, Tablet, sounds good too ^^

For the Universal Bunny album, I personally liked the title track for May'n creative use of her vocals to depict the innocent White Bunny and the sexy Black Bunny. Also, the soothing I Have Become An Angel is my other favourite ^^

Update! When I Cannot Meet You has become my recent favourite from the album. ^^ Also, I might cosplay as Lee Ranka from the series next year ^^



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