Cash Studio & Club DAM Machines

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

To J-Pop fans, where do you go to sing only your favourite Japanese songs? Do you frequent Cash Studio?

Tired of flipping through the thick books to find the call numbers for your favourite songs? Books not updated with the latest hits? Fret not, for you can just find them online before heading down to Cash Studio.

Find them where?

You can access the original website of the Club DAM Machines that Cash Studio utilizes here!

You have to scroll down a little bit to find this search box.

So in the red box is the search box for any song within the Club DAM system! Meanings are as follows:

  • アーティスト名: Artist's Name
  •  楽曲名: Song Name
  •  歌詞の一部: Part of Song Lyrics
In the drop down box next to the search box are two options, the first being 'match the entire search query' or 'match part of the search query'. So use the 2nd option if you are not sure what the whole artist name/song title actually looks like.

So let's look for a song! If you want to look for an artist's name, you have to key in the name as it is. So if you want Otsuka Ai, you have to key 大塚 愛, and not the romaji version. Usually, you can just Google for the name. This also applies to song titles.

So let's try finding something!

Key in the name of the artist or song in the search box. I've keyed in an artist's name, GUMI (who sang songs for Card Captor Sakura), and chose the 1st option as I already knew that her name is written this way.

And the results!

So the one I'm looking for is no. 8 of the results. So click on the link to bring you to the list of available songs, as well as their call numbers! No more flipping through those books!

Cash Studio doesn't use the LIVE DAM system ):

Last Step

You have to change the system listed in the results (shown in the blue box in picture above). The default system the website shows you is the LIVE DAM, which is their best system with the most number of songs. However! Cash Studio doesn't use that ): The primary system they use is cyber DAM G50, so you have to select it and refresh the list by clicking on the words highlighted in red 選択した機種で絞りこみ.

Sigh only left with one song ):

Some of the rooms have been upgraded to a better system (cyber DAM G100, I think). These upgraded systems have a wider selection of songs, but I can't find it in the drop-down menu. So you can still keep those call numbers and try them on the newer system if you're lucky to get them (:

Some other things to know about 

There is 10% student discount (you just have to tell them and show your student card). 
You can also ask for a member card. It's completely free. They will give you a black card to collect stickers on every visit. If you have this card, you can have 'unlimited' karaoke time as long as no one else has booked the room after your three-hour timeslot (Sun-Thurs only)! Once you fill up one card (ten stickers), you can get three hours free. If you fill up two black cards, you can get VIP membership. 

Hope this will make your karaoke experience in Cash Studio much better ((:



  1. After 2 years, they've finally upgraded to Premier DAM...

    1. They also added a 25 dollar Japanese song surcharge and didn't mention on the phone, made me make a wasted trip.