Halloween Lolita party!

, by dollonstrings

Halloween is just past and L.A.C.E.d organised a wonderful meet for the local loli group.
Group shot!

More pictures under the cut!

Awesome spidery makeup!

s lurking in my Pumpkin Chowder. D:

Rest in Peace Nutella bars

Ruby with her masquerade mask!

And here's me with Shuyi! I'm wearing Moitie's blue rose print dress with an inowa lace shawl. n__n SY's wearing her Sleeping Beauty print from AatP. =D (we were really the most casually dressed of the lot, since we were shopping under the hot Orchard sun earlier in the afternoon! WATER. GIVE ME WATER.)
The male turnout this time was a record breaker. XD We had about 7 guys helping us snap photos!
But the pictures here, if I was not in them, are taken by yours truly. =)

L.A.C.E.d is a tea party meet-up group based in Singapore!
You can see their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/lacedwithfrills

Hopefully they will plan more meetups in the future. =)

<3 dollonstrings


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