IT fair~

, by dollonstrings

  Two of my friends were working at SITEX this weekend, so I decided to drop by.
Amaya was working in her meido as usual, helping to promote Anibee. Signing up got me a goodie bag with three Doraemon toys and some manga, including Mask Rider. Ama-chan pics are under the cut. ;)

  Okay, so my ulterior motive was really to nab a hard drive, since mine is spoilt. The smallest available nowadays is 500gb, and it goes for the same price that my 120gb hard drive went for two years ago. My dad asked me why I didn't get a 1tb hard drive. I told him that by the time I need 1tb of space, it will be the same price as the 500gb one is now.

  I do foresee needing more space as I take more photographs, but what with study and work, there's not been time for photoshoots. ):

  One of my friends was working for Acer. The base pay is really low. o__o
  Someone from YEC also recognised me. How? The height. XD

                                                    Looking bright and cheery in this close-up.

                                                    Ama-chan pose!

Someone was on stilts, so of course a comparison pictures is needed.

               Someone I met called Nicholas helped us to take this picture. I'm copying her pose now. My heart-shape needs practice. ): I'm not in lolita because I went to my cousin's wedding after. =)

               The anibee booth was very near a LoL gaming arena. A passing photographer told me that LoL was the equivalent of DotA made easy for all ages to play. ... fascinating.

  There's been a lot of events lately, but I can't find the time for all of them. T___T
  my exams are the week after this one and there's also datasheets to do and projects to complete. sigh.
  Plus there's that gothic-theme photoshoot this weekend. >___>
  After my cousin's wedding, I felt really zonked. I'm not sure why I'm so tired, because I didn't do any strenuous physical activity.

  And here's a fun-fact, related to an assignment I was working on.
  Drepanocytes are sickle-cells that cause what is popularly known as Sickle-cell anemia. This can be really painful because your red blood cells basically form sickle-shapes that can clog your veins. >___<! And yet it provides survival benefits against malaria, because the malaria parasite modifies your actin (a protein on the red blood cell surface) causing it to be undestroyed by the spleen. This doesn't work for sickle-cells because the protein is already faulty! har har.


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