[Photoshoot] Street Angels!

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

It is a very busy month for Amaya here! Attended AFA 2012, had the most awesome backstage experience and met a gazillion people, Sanrio's Meet & Greet session to have a Hello Kitty manicure, and also a photoshoot for Street Angels by Noriaki-san!

So what is Street Angels?

It is a project spearheaded by Noriaki Tsuchiya-san, which is a free iPhone app that functions as your phone clock! There is an 'angel' (girl) for every minute of the day, and another angel for every day of the year! In essence, this app will showcase 60mins x 24hrs = 1440photos of different girls/angels (:

My -real- birthday XD

My cheek colour is a bit off. XD Improvements to be made!

I'll have to say that I was quite stiff because it's the first time doing a shoot with someone I just met (the previous time was always with dollonstrings & friends), but I really learnt a lot from Noriaki-san ^^

I also look pretty mature here? Maybe the smile and the hair. Shall make it a point to braid some of it to the back next time XD

Special shoutout to Noriaki-san for being so kind about suggesting locations and his suggestions on the poses (:

Find out more about Street Angels below:


And it is back to the books!

Watch out for my next post on SITEX 2012! Be sure to see lots of cosplay action! Catch me there as anibee's unofficial meido ambassador XD See you :D


P.S. Be sure to check out dollonstring's post on Street Angels as well!