random ramble + Etsuraku Camellia cover + AFA day report

, by dollonstrings

Did a cover for etsuraku~

  My loot from japan auctions arrived recently. Fruits Parlour JSK in Mint and an inowa bolero + miho matsuda gobelin jsk, and Baby's Twinkle Constellation JSK in yellow plus an AP lace bolero to go with it. I wanted to wear my puppet circus yesterday to AFA, because there's really only so many occasions to wear velvet in SG, but it's too bad. Since my EOY audition was yesterday, I had to wear my stage dress! XD I also bought six beautiful rose corsages from Hana Bana. Highly recommend them to everyone~~~ I've not seen better corsages elsewhere for the same price.

Pictures + AFA under the cut.

For some reason I was really tired from the moment I stepped into AFA yesterday. Debated strongly with myself over whether or not to audition, because I felt I would not perform to the best of my ability. So exhausted, and there were a lot of frustrations with contacting people. Phone battery died so quickly, and everyone trying to contact me couldn't. My friend said it was because there were too many phones inside an enclosed area. In any case, I didn't see much or do much at AFA. Kind of feels like a waste of 8 dollars, but it can't be helped. I wanted to go again today, but there's no one to go with. u__u anyway, I've got work to do.. tons of it.
I look really tired in the picture because I was. We were queueing for 2 hours at the karaoke booth because a second line formed and started cutting.
It was extremely frustrating.
I left to get free coffee instead. Free coffee is happyfying..
but it was indeed tiring.
 my friend snapped a picture of me while we were waiting for karaoke.. which I didn't sing in the end because of frustration, irritation, sympathy even at the person who cut my queue and the people standing in the abused queue behind me.
Ignore my face and focus on the pretty rose corsages~

A japanese lady stopped us, saying 'kakkoi!'
she's definitely talking about my friend the butler here. XD But he thought she was referring to us (my lolita friend and I).

The EOY audition went... not so good. I don't think I sounded well or performed well. What matters is that I went for it, I guess, and hopefully I'll get to perform on the actual day. =)


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