Brown Packages tied up with String + caramel corn + ramblyrambleramblah + Paris Baguette

, by dollonstrings

The present in the foreground is a towel from Esprit that someone from church gave me even though I stopped attending church about two years ago.
I'm not sure who gave it, because they passed it to me by proxy of my brother. I may have to gift them the green tea cookies I bought for the lolita gift exchange.
I stopped by Daiso for some dehumidifiers. I use their dehumidifiers for my lolita closet (my loli is kept separately from my normal clothes), and picked up the pretty gift box (which closes magnetically) as well as cocoa-flavoured caramel corn. The caramel corn is really addictive, but so-o heaty. u__u
more purchases, pastry, a vintage skirt and pics under the cut~!


The SWIMMER biscuit bag is from taobao. <3 The skirt beneath it is a vintage skirt I bought off the comm sales recently. The frames depict some renaissance art. It's really pretty. =) You can see me wearing it here:
 A while ago I visited Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria with ZT. She also bought a buffer and exfoliating stuff from Vardi and Midgal. It was really expensive, but as a cheapo who tagged along and bought nothing, I got free soap. =)
  The above is a rosewater base pastry. The pink-coated balls are rather like choux pastry and the centre is buttercream (which I am not very fond of). The whole is set on a base of a round biscuit. It looks like a digestive, but isn't. It's hard to explain. =/
My order is below. I had a fake tiramisu pastry and a cheese ciabatta.

The. Cheese. Ciabatta. Is. Very. Good.
 I can't quite describe it other than fresh, yummy, soft and moist (I was pleasantly surprised, since Delifrance's ciabattas are so hard and dry).
  About the fake tiramisu, I can only say that it was not really to my taste, and not worth the (was it $2.90?) price tag. I felt 'gelat' very quickly. I did like the crisp pastry layers on the inside, but the top is coated with bitter cocoa powder that simply slides off the pastry when you eat it and serves no apparent function other than decoration. The cream on the inside was too sweet for my liking.

 I started working with Maa-tan as a part-time admin. Boss took us out for a Christmas lunch. =) This is the flower-tea she ordered. It's supposed to have eight components in it. Can you spot them all?

and this is the guy I went christmas shopping with.
The decoration set-ups around Orchard are really pretty! So we agreed to go back tomorrow just to walk around and take pictures (of and with) them.

Recently I've been really busy with work and feedback-adding to edit my photographs. u__u so the legoland post is postponed! Maybe you can read my view on it next year, but till then you can have Maa-tan's post here to tide you over. Due to the nature of photograph taking, her post has more photographs with me in it, and mine will have more of her (so please anticipate the cute!)


  1. ION has pretty lights! Go catch them XD

  2. Which Taobao shop did you buy the bag from? It's so adorable and I've been looking for a replic, or indeed the real thing, for MONTHS now. If you can't remember, could you look into your purchase history and post the link in a comment? Thanks SO much, you are a true lifesaver! Sorry for asking so much of you~...

  3. Hiya! The original store I bought the bag from no longer sells them (it's a replica), but there are cheaper stores on taobao now. I bought mine for about 150 RMB, and now there's one for 80 RMB here:

    Have fun shopping!

  4. Thanks so much! I have no idea how to use Taobao, because I cant type in Chinese so no results appear, but this is so helpful and right in my price range! 150 RMB would have been too much, but my dad is really satisfied with 80RMB~ Does the shipping really cost only 10RMB? It seems a little too cheap to be true...

  5. The shipping - 10RMB, is the internal shipping, which is also known as kuaidi. This domestic shipping is the cost for the seller to ship the item to your agent in China. You will then have to pay an additional international shipping fee for your agent to ship the item to you. This charge varies depending on the agent you use as well as shipment method.