EOY 2012

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My last exam was last friday. After that I've been settling some things, doing lolita laundry, catching up with close friends I've neglected and sung Etsuraku Camellia at EOY.

  EOY 2012 this year was at the Marina Barrage. a.k.a. the most ulu location possible!
It was hot, sunny, hot and hot. The minute I stepped out of the cab (shared a cab with my pretty friend S), sweat started rolling down my face. u___u
  I volunteered to help at the EOY Quest booth with Ama-chan, but because of the runway and performance, I was only there 1/3 of the time. I feel a bit bad about not helping out more. ):

pictures and a mini mini rant under the cut!

  On another note, I'm quite annoyed because there were cosplayers trimming their wigs in the toilet and they left the cut hair in the sink.

  Please, new generation cosplayers. Many people worked very hard to provide an event for you to join and cosplay at. Management will give the organisers hell whenever you pull this kind of nonsense on them. Already the original people behind EOY have given up. What will happen if one day the current organisers became really tired and fed up and gave up on ever holding another event? Where will you and your taobao-bought costumes go?
Exercise some civilty and respect the organisers and venue. To those who did respect their environment, thank you, and good job. To those who didn't, please be careful if you want there to be another EOY next year.

This is what I wore for the runway! The runway itself was quite informal. We found out last minute that we wouldn't be given a platform to walk down, nor a stage. It was quite funny, because we chased people off the black benches so we could stand on it for the beginning pose. Yvonne noted that I didn't look nervous at all. I think it was because of the informal nature of the runway, and I kind of knew what to expect. It's also always less scary when you're with friends! Shuyi and ZT made it fun for me. =)
To be honest, I can't really wear corset skirts for long. For the 3 hours that I wore this outfit I was slowly beginning to find it harder and harder to breathe, and for some reason, it made me feel very tired. Two hours in..........

 dollonstrings KO-ed.
touching up makeup, doing hair!
The skies looked worrying, so we did a little anti-rain dance. True enough, it didn't rain even till past 7.30. =)

  This is ZT, and she's beautifully classic here, wearing Innocent World's Elizabeth bolero. =)
Masquerade Theatre goodness! This was the dress she wore when I first met her a year ago at Black Alice's tea party. =)

Ama-chan is working hard.
During the runway, the photographers didn't really know what was happening, so I don't think anyone snapped the pictures of when the girls were moving. We had to cut through them because they formed a sort of semi-circle in front of us. Sigh for no backstage.
My parasol caught on the corsages in my hair as I swung it over. eep. In any case, the runway was over very quickly, and I hurried to change into my singing outfit (the Carina e Arlequin jsk) and S redid my hair and makeup.

Returned to the EOY Quest booth for a short while. Most of the nicer prizes had already been redeemed, including some very adorable Rilakkuma notebooks. u__u but I snagged free lollipops. =P

At this point you should be wondering what EOY Quest is. XD
Basically, if you have a smartphone, you can hunt monsters down by 'capturing' their QR codes. Killing a monster yields EXP, and if you are lucky, item 'drops' which you can redeem for physical merchandise. I'm really bad at explaining this kind of stuff, so please read Ama-chan's post when it's up. I expect she'll elucidate better than I have.

When I started singing I immediately felt that something was wrong. ;__; later on ZT told me I was offkey for pretty much half the song and only corrected myself afterwards. Truthfully I couldn't hear myself at all and was panicking. XD The instrumental was overwhelmingly loud, whereas at my audition it was almost too soft to hear.

From what I've seen online it looks like some performers got to rehearse before their actual slot. I wonder why I wasn't given that chance though I arrived half an hour early as stipulated (but began ten minutes later than my slot). In any case, I'm still glad for the opportunity to practise standing on a stage.
Also many thanks to everyone who showed up to hear me sing. ;____; *touched*

This will be the last event I wear lolita to. For the conventions next year, I'll be going as a photographer instead. I'll have better mobility and more chances to practice my photography.

after the event, we(ZT, TY, S and me) got hopelessly lost. T___T We crossed the bridge thinking it would lead to a road, but ended up walking for 30 minutes until the sky turned dark and we reached Kallang. We couldn't turn back or change a direction because we were on the wrong side of the river and there was no bridge further up. Utter. Exhaustion.
caught a cab and went to bugis to eat. Have some agedashi tofu pics. ;)

and that was my day at EOY. Read Ama-chan's writeup if you're looking for more coherency. wahahahahahahaha

-dollonstrings, over. ___-__-________  _     ___---


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