[Event] Beauty Matsuri Day Out

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

This December, members of Watsons got a chance to attend a workshop jointly held by skincare brand Senka, cosmetics brand Majolica, haircare brand Ma Cherie and of course Watsons!

Initially, I thought I hadn't been selected due to overwhelming response, because there was a workshop held on the 1st Saturday of December. So imagine my delight when I received the email a day before my scheduled workshop! You had to RSVP by 4pm that very day lol. Overwhelming response indeed!

When I walked in, I was quite surprised to hear Ayumi Hamasaki songs playing in the background. XD

There was a lot of teaching, and we had a hands-on experience in re-creating our own Lena-inspired look!

The table and tools

All the products are free to try!

This is my favourite product form the workshop! Although it looks really white on the skin at the beginning, it evens out and leaves a really nice satin finish to touch! It can even cover my dark eye circles a bit so I can use less concealer ^_^

Complimentary goodie bag (:
The Senka lotions are really special because they contain progressive release Vitamin C: the lotion only releases the Vit C when you are under sunlight exposure, this ensures that you get maximum inhibition of melanin production. Vitamin C also helps to lighten existing pigmentation.

Another product they introduced was their SPF 50 Sunblock. Usually, any sunblock above SPF 50 has to be removed using makeup remover because of the binding of the SPF products to the skin, but for Senka's, it is removable by normal cleanser! Their sunblock also contains Mt Fuji water and supple baby powder that removes the sticky feeling.

In the workshop, the facilitators introduced new haircare brand Ma Cherie. Their products are broadly split into two ranges: Air Feel Range & Moisturizing Range. They also introduced the Perfect Shower series, designed for those who do not have the time to wash their hair in the morning.

All products from Ma Cherie carry this same fragrance!
Senka, Majorlica and Ma Cherie are all owned under Shiseido. What really caught my attention was Ma Cherie, because of the pretty packaging and the unique hair products they had, such as the Hair Fragrance Spray.
My personalized name tag (: Yeah my real name is long XD

In addition, there was a special in-house discount for workshop attendees: $2 off retail price on all products that were available for use in the workshop!

Check out their respective Facebook pages below:
Watsons SG
Senka Singapore
Majolica Marjoca SG



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