[Event] EOY 2012

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Over the weekend, dollonstrings and I were volunteering as GMs (Game Masters) for EOY Quest! Did you have fun playing EOY Quest? :D

Not too many pictures, since I forgot to bring my camera, and so only had my phone to contend with. But! The good thing about posting a little later than the rest is that you get to snag pretty photos from other people XD

And while dollonstrings has announced that this will be her last event wearing lolita to, this was my first event wearing Lolita XD My dress was from Dear Celine (TB Lolita brand), blouse from Axes Femme (non-lolita brand) and shoes from an*tai*na (TB Lolita shoes brand)


Think a really basic version of Maplestory. All you need is a smartphone and/or QR Reader. Look out for the cute posters all over Marina Barrage, scan the QR codes to 'fight' them and you automatically beat them if you're above the level limit. You also gain item drops which allow you to redeem physical prizes at the EOY Quest booth. Prizes included anibee premium membership, Rilakkuma notebooks, Arisu calendar, Arisu badges, lollipops and Gacha items from Pan In The Box!

The most elusive bug of the day. Did YOU find it?
Reached about 12-ish, met Vincent! Nice and friendly guy who is always looking out for us!

The stage area

Charmander, Charmeleon & Charizard!

dollonstrings wasn't around the booth too much because she had to get her hair and makeup done for the Lolita runway and her singing performance later. I completely missed her performance by the way ): By that time, I suppose I was quite tired and not paying attention to the music playing or who was singing. I only heard Shin Ai because dollonstrings has sung it before. By then, hers was already over T.T

Serene as Kise (Genderbend)
Met her fellow cosplayers in the team, Evie, Emi & Seren! They are all such pretty and friendly people <3

The Jack Frost cosplayers surprised me a bit. The movie hasn't finished screening and already there are cosplayers!

Ryuto as 96neko
Met Shera & Yuu at the meido ryokan! They were giving out coscards for free. Met Elkanah only really late, towards the end of the event.

Dance flashmob!

Met Tiger, Bunny & Wild Bunny on the third floor! Had to do a 'self-exchange' with BPRX because he could not feel his fingers XD Met Aya too! Had a quick chat before going back down to man the EOY Quest booth again.

Overall, it was HOT. But still, I had much fun walking around, meeting new and old friends, and helping out at the booth!

Yi Fen as Evergreen 
I had a nice picture of all the cards I got today, but I deleted it by accident T.T It's on Instagram though, you can check it out there and follow me if you like: amaya_enlt

With Noelle Mikazuki. Pretty girl with awesome camera!
She is also having a Christmas giveaway on her blog, so do check it out!

Other Attractions

dollonstrings found a booth selling really pretty and cheap clothes ($40 is cheap in Lolita world okay)! There was also a dollfie display, Itanshas, a cosplay parade and many many singing/dancing performances!

My final event before starting part-time work during the holidays! But, dollonstrings and I will be heading to Legoland this weekend, so do check back on our posts on Legoland!

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  1. The lighting in that last picture is really great. o__O

  2. It's the camera. It has a very powerful Magic Skin mode.XD