[Game] スイーツ作り Making Sweets~!

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

It is the end of December! Have you arranged plans for your year-end party/countdown?

Instead of introducing a whole bunch of games this month, I'm introducing this new game app I have found! The title of the game is スイーツ作り! Making Sweets~!

If you are familiar with Mushroom Garden aka Funghi Growing Kit, this game works in a similar fashion! You bake treats with the ingredients available, and you use your finger to swipe them off the oven like 'harvesting'!

One of the first treats you can bake!
You can figure out the recipes and the time needed to bake them from the second icon from the left! Do not set the timer to the wrong time or you'll end up with burnt treats ): There are two ways to unlock new treats, either by reaching a set amount of SP or by successfully baking a prior recipe!

Add the ingredients, set the timer, and press the green button to START!

The little treats are baking now! Timer at the top of the screen.
You cannot leave your baked treats on the oven for too long though, or they will burn too!

The display (middle icon) is the record of all the treats you have baked! Currently, you can unlock 20 different treats!

Other than the cute graphics and simple interface, I find that it helps in improving my Japanese! Motivated to read and understand XD The game is a really quick one too, took me only a few days to unlock all 20 recipes!

For technical issues, the game seems to lag a bit especially during the swiping motions.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, and try out the game if you will :D



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