[Personal] Drawn to Nostalgia

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

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After the first half of exams, I decided to catch an exhibition at the little dröm store! This November (which is already over), they had an exhibition, Drawn to Nostalgia, by Jacqueline Ong.

I was initially worried that I would not be allowed to take pictures. But other than 'no closeups' and 'no taking of people', I had free reign :D

Guestbook and free White Rabbit Sweets

The full description

Series of tote bags!

Really cute earrings! I love the mushroom ones


Even cups too!

Bags and cameras!

More merch! Typewriters *A*
Spotted items from wheniwasfour (:

I like them glasses!

Beautiful pins and necklaces!

Books and crafting materials!

Wall behind the cashier area. I don't think those stuff are for sale...
While trying to take the last picture, I alarmed the two people on duty, because they thought I was going to take pictures of them. No worries, I wouldn't take your picture without asking you first, because it is really rude to do so. ^_^

Everything in there was so pretty! But also very expensive ):

I really liked the book they produced on all the childhood games we would play :D

I bought myself a little gift!

Pretty paper packaging

Masking tape for my coscard album (:

The cashier asked if I was a foreigner here on holiday. Do I get discounts if I am? :P

I couldn't stay for very long however, as I had to rush off to collect my tickets to The Greatest Show Circus Experience at nebo e-hub at Downtown East. ):

Chocolate with a spoooon.

But I would definitely come back to try out the cakes they have! Hope to write a post on it soon!

More info below!
7 Ann Siang Hill (S) 069791
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (Take Exit A)



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