[School] Term-End Module Review

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

School's out for the year! Now, this will not be applicable to everyone, but I hope if you're an NUS student, this post on module reviews will help you somewhat. ^^

It is Year 3 Semester 1 for me, so most of my modules would require prerequisites, but fret not because there is a GEM module in the list of modules I've taken this semester ((:

EL3201 Morphology and Syntax

Lecture & weekly tutorials
Required Textbook? None.
Group Project? Just 2 tutorial presentations (2 questions each time) in tutorial.
Mid-term? Take-home paper (can discuss with peers)
Exam? 3 Questions, one on sluicing, one on backward binding and one open question.

Overall: This module really is difficult XD There are overlaps between this module and the prerequisite one, but the latter half is quite confusing. The exam paper was so hard. It really tested on your application skills, whatever you studied doesn't adequately prepare you fo the exam. Doesn't mean it's only 30% of the final grade means you can set such a tough paper, prof T.T

EL3256 Language in the Workplace

Lecture & weekly tutorials
Required Textbook? None.
Group Project? 4000 word paper
Mid-term? 1 Qn, 10% of final grade
Exam? Two essays.
I don't even remember what the essays were about any more XD

Overall: This module is one of the most interesting yet challenging modules. It raises your awareness to how people use language, and how people try to style themselves, and how the audience perceives it, and how many factors affect styling. It can be very interesting, but there's no right answer to any question, so you really have to rely on your essay presentation skills to score.

GEK2501 Understanding your Medications

Lectures only
Required Textbook? None.
Group Project? None
Mid-term? 120 True-False Questions (and yes, they call it 30 MCQs.)
Exam? 160 True-False Questions (and they call it 40 MCQs)

Overall: Although this module cheated my feelings by telling me the mid-term and exam is MCQ, this module is very light in terms of load, in comparison to my other modules. Plus, I could S/U this module if I wanted to.

PL3244 Adolescent Psychology

Lecture & bi-weekly tutorials
Required Textbook? Adolescence 14th Edition
Group Project? Group presentation
Mid-term? MCQ
Exam? 3 essay questions, one of which is compulsory, and you choose to do 1 of the remaining two. The information taught in this module is largely similar to developmental psychology, though the emphasis is on adolescents. In developmental psychology, the focus tends to be on infants/children, so developmental psychology may not be helpful. But it is a prerequisite for taking this module. The exam questions generally require broad answers.

PL3255 Intro to Paediatric Psychology

Lecture & bi-weekly tutorials
Required Textbook? Handbook of Pediatric Psychology 2003/2009 edition
Group Project? Group presentation
Mid-term? MCQ + Short answer
Exam? 4 Short answer questions + 1 essay. The exam covers a wide scope of topics. The models and psychological theories are really important in this module, with the specific diseases studied to be used as examples in answers.

Hope this helps!



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