Streetangels Shoot + group EOY photos + pigeon orchids and incoherency!

, by dollonstrings

since Maa-tan introduced me to the Streetangels project, I applied as well and here are my photos, courtesy of Noriaki-san.

I'm definitely not used to posing, and you can see that I don't wear makeup on my days out. XD

This is my favourite picture:

because I look fairer! You can't see my eyes because the sun was extremely harsh.

Noriaki-san said he preferred this shot though ^  pose-wise, I guess this was better, but in terms of flattering the face.. ehehehe. No matter.

                                         Outfit break-down:
                                         Black top: Lowry's Farm
                                         Over-top: Putumayo
                                         Skirt: Angelic Pretty

I'm in love with macaron tartan riders. XD It's so cute and well-made.

It's quite interesting to learn how a photographer poses a model and it was good that he explained what he wanted from me and where he intended to take the shots. I will try to do that as well for my models in the future.
The main concept behind Streetangels is to have a different photo of a different girl holding up every minute and every date of the year. I think it's pretty neat. =)
The iphone app is free, so if you want some local and unphotoshopped eyecandy, do go and download it to show your support!
12:09pm at noon!

And 25th Dec - Christmas. =)
Sigh. My hair looked fine when I left the house, but after hours of sweating in the sun, I guess it might have been a smarter move to curl it. u__u
I'm grateful for the opportunity though, so many thanks to Noriaki-san for these pretty photos. ^__^

He was also at EOY! I've been trawling through post after post on sgcafe for any photos of the lolitas at the runway, but it looks like no one uploaded any. u__u luckily, he did have some, and he sent them to me, so you can enjoy looking at these beautiful ladies~


^ I snapped this just before the bus came, so it might not be quite clear. These are sprays of pigeon orchids. They grow on many trees in Singapore and bloom ferociously after days of heavy rain.

My father says he will dig out his lighting boards for me, but the projection screens have been discarded. ): Hopefully the white walls of my house will suffice.

I'm still sourcing for outdoor locations to hold shoots. cmon Singapore! You can't be -that- boring. ):
Also toying with the idea of a night shoot, because gothic themes are hard to bring out in bright or harsh light. I also find dark surroundings very flattering to female faces.

so many plans!
So little time this holiday.. there's work to do as well. u__u and things to study, and cello to practice.
But life is life because it's busy!
so I'll be busy living over here~

thanks for reading and see you guys next time. ;)

-dollonstrings has signed off-


  1. dollonstrings is pretty too! I think the poses turned out well!

    1. ^^ The first pic is nicest IMO. XD the harsh sunlight looks better on my face.