2012 In Review

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Customary, but good for the ever forgetful me. I literally survive on my organizer because if I do not write things down, I will forget them quickly enough. >.>

Met/made many new friends through all the events I have attended, forged some closer relationships with others, some expected, some unexpected XD



School's school with lots of mugging. But I have also forged some closer friendships with classmates while spending time with them.

CHAT Internship: secured a month-long internship at Community Health Assessment Team. Read about my experience here!

Image from youthinmind.sg


2012 marked my 'return' to choral singing XD It was a good experience preparing for a concert and a eye-opening experience in Portugal. Like my choir's page here!

Food in Portugal is awesomee.


I attended training in Dec 2011, and only managed to fit two assignments into my schedule: Baybeats and Moonfest. Baybeats was particularly inspiring, and I would be writing about two inspirational bands, START OF THE DAY (JP) and Mocca (ID). Do look out for them ^^

I also worked at several ad-hoc events, namely ICDS, SITEX and AFA 2012! AFA 2012 was in particular a very huge and awesome event to work at :D

Credits to Minato Whitey

Volunteering activities included the annual Dance Factory Concert and my latest event, EOY 2012 (:

Events attended

Other cosplay events I attended (without working or volunteering) was Cosfest 2012. I was initially there only to support dollonstrings performance. I never expected myself to be so involved in the later events, but I don't regret because they were fun ^^

2012 is also my first year in lolita! After much sublimal priming from dollonstrings XD We had a photoshoot together at Bidadari & attended Toy Parade as well! Look out for that upcoming post too!

I don't friend you.

In addition, I attended quite a few beauty events, some courtesy of anibee, a J-Portal I am currently contributing articles for! Some notable ones include K-Palette's exclusive launch and Senka's Beauty Matsuri event.

What about 2013?

STUDY. My grades took a nosedive this semester, so I will be working really hard to pull those grades up. So, I would be blogging less because I will have less time to attend events XD But I have already confirmed that I would want to go for certain events, you can check them out on the events page on your left ^^

SING. ONE will be holding their annual concert in March 2013, and the concept is absolutely fabulous (to me, at least). I will also try to build up on my musicianship and technical/functional ability.

WORK. To save enough money to feed myself AND travel to Japan, come 2014. Will be working on my Japanese language ability in the meantime as well. Hopefully to work more at Esplanade to be inspired by more art forms :D

INTERN. I already secured my internship May-Jul 2013! #kiasu I hope to learn a lot from there. ^^

Cosplay. Maybe yes, maybe no.

May you have a blessed 2013!

Signing off,


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