[Event] Toy Parade: A Christmas Lolita Tea Party

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Another happening event I attended in 2012 was Toy Parade, a Christmas-themed Lolita party (: Although this was the first Lolita party I ever attended, this party was the second one they have organised. You can check out the photos to the first Halloween party here: Halloween Hijinks 2012.

I only have one Lolita coordinate, so I wore that to the party (the same one I wore for EOY). I wanted to spend time to tie the ribbons on my shoes properly, but got too tired and skipped quite a few things because I was feeling sick.

Picture spam below~!

Some retro decor

Lovely cakes!
Halfway through the tea party we played some games! Basically someone had to pick a prepared word from a bag and draw it. The remaining people would have to copy it and the last person was tasked with guessing.

 We also had prizes for the best dressed! I don't have a pretty picture of them, so please wait for the pictures from dollonstrings. She has infinitely better pictures than me.

Our prize for winning the guessing game!
After all that, it was time for the visit to Mint Museum of Toys! The museum entry is priced at $15, and it is open till 6.30pm. The museum spans 4 floors with each floor having a particular theme!

Reminded me of Richfield ^^

Despite feeling unwell and having to leave early, I really enjoyed myself at the party (: Many conversations about toys, especially alpacas XD

I don't have many satisfactory pictures, partly due to me leaving early (skipped the second floor entirely) and playing with lovely girl:

The lovely girl I was playing with 80% of the time
But I will definitely be back again to fully check out everything ^^

Would you like to attend one of their parties? Like their page so that you will always be kept updated!



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