[Games] Dark Parables The Red Riding Hood Sisters

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

There is not much time left for playing when the school term has started, but I would like to write about this Hidden Object game (HOG) that I was playing just before school started.

The opening screen. Image from Softpedia
What I liked about the plots was that they took their own twists to the conventional fairy tales. Dark Parables already has several titles released, namely:

  • Curse of the Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
  • The Exiled Prince (The Frog Prince)
  • Rise of the Snow Queen (Snow Queen)
  • The Red Riding Hood Sisters (Red Riding Hood)

The games included some bonus game play as well, either shedding more light on the back story, or hints for the next game or based on another fairy tale.

From the picture I posted about, you can tell that the one I played was the latest one, The Red Riding Hood Sisters. In the game, centuries ago, the first Red Riding Hood, after being saved from the wolf by a hunter, established what came to be known as the Order of Red Riding Hood Sisters. But now, the nefarious Wolf Queen has entrapped the sisters and plans to unleash legions of ravaging Mist Wolves onto our world by fixing it so that it is always the night of the Full moon. The player must assist the Red Riding Hood Sisters to put an end to the queens evil plan. [Taken from Wikipedia.com]

The game has 3 modes you can choose from: Casual, Normal & Hard.

It was quite cool that at the end, the Wolf Queen is actually one of the Sisters who had succumbed to the Wolf Talisman and became evil, and the remaining (evil) Mist Wolves were trained to work with the Sisters instead.

FYI, she becomes the new head of the Order. Image from Softpedia.
The artwork is really quite pretty as well.

With regards to game play, the game is quite unique in that you don't have words to find objects. Rather, you find broken parts of objects that will make up to form one, which will help you in the game. The game also includes several mini games.

I took about 3 days to finish it because I only played for about an hour each time. I found it really fun ^.^ The credits also showed that the next game would be on Cinderella, kinda cool in my opinion.

Hope you will give this game a try too when you have the time!

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  1. The art looks really nice. While we're on twisted video games, you should check out the Chronicles of the Grim Peddler (twisted fairy tale manhwa) as well. =D