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, by dollonstrings

I'll be doing a very casual photoshoot with Maa-tan tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited for that! Please look forward to our photographs. *bows*

ramble about virus, and clothes under the cut.

Been really stressed with all the projects and test to study for. >_> My eczema has been acting up, so I've been wearing nothing but jeans and long sleeves recently..
Before the stress started piling up, I went to meet my friend ZT for dessert at Medz! Wore my new SNT skirt. <3 it's been a wishlist item since I started lolita 3 years ago, so I'm pretty excited to get it in my favourite colour. I have the replica in red that I bought cheap from a friend, but nothing beats owning the real thing. ^^ The cutsew I'm wearing is the Apple Princess cutsew by AatP, which I bought from ZT last year. Maa-tan wore it last year with my wonder cookie SK and it fit her much better because her arms are just the right length.
                                            Look how cute she is!

I had a crepe with strawberries and chocolate sauce. The strawberries were fresh and tart. I actually don't like my strawberries sweet. =X
And ZT had a tiramisu that was light, fluffy, yummy and yummy.

Medz is half-price for students on weekdays 2-5pm except for beverages, so my crepe was only $3.50. <3 ZT's tiramisu was $3.45. =D

My laptop died because a malware hit it. it's the Win2011 virus.. pretty horrible. Had to reformat everything.. and my lappy isn't back yet. I'm not sure why the Acer people need 7 days to reformat a laptop!   Serves me right for not using good anti-virus software, I guess.

I lost most of the legoland photos and class outing photos. I feel pretty bummed out about it. >_>

while my teacher digressed a lot talking about non-related things in class, I doodled some dresses on my notes. These are outfits I'd totally wear if they existed IRL. >_> I might try sewing them myself if I improve.
When I take notes the first time, my handwriting is always haphazard!
Last week I got so bored taking notes that I tried to do it with my left hand, since I figured he'd be teaching as slowly as was normal, but he went pretty fast for that topic, so I gave up. XD


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