[Event] J-obsession 2013

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

So here's my (late) coverage of J-Obsession 2013! All in all, I did

1) Roam about
2) Say Hi to cosplayers I know and chat with them and their friends
3) Took off to have a mini shoot at SOTA and Fort Canning Park with photogs I just met that day owo I wonder how that took off haha!

Feast your  eyes.


Shiro and Kuro :D Clothes were handmade! O:

Inori was very popular that day.

HAHAHAHA. The red line!

Yay Aya as Anna! Sword Cameo by Lawliet as Fushimi!

Raistlin as Munakata!
And lol when the emcee announced them to the 2nd place winners of World Cosplay Summit 2013 instead of 2012 XD

Yay Lawliet! 
Managed to get a decent chat with her at this event to make up for our very short meeting at AFA backstage last year. \o/ Such nice people!

Very hardworking souls.

Panic Ducks!
The sound system really leaves much to be desired for. But I enjoyed Panic Ducks very much, especially Shuffle from Yu-Gi-Oh! ^_^ Work hard, there's a lot of room to improve!

For more pictures, check the album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.548170878548674.125359.470622852970144&type=1

Since I took off to have a mini shoot with Silver and Eugene, here's an OOTD:

For a more comprehensive coverage of the event, do look out for the posts on http://anibee.tv/!

Signing off,


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[Food] Set lunch at Olio Cafe

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

I was feeling particularly generous after a successful month of saving up for my new goals this year, so I decided to have just one meal that is more expensive than my usual food fare. Was supposed to meet up with dollonstrings to pass her her items from taobao, so I decided to try lunch outside!

Olio Cafe has 3 branches, including one at Lot One and City Square Mall.

Photos taken with my iPhone because I was lazy to bring a camera XD

Concentric circles as part of their decor.

I had one of their lunch set specials, which cost me about $22.50 after GST and service charge. It included a main course, a soup and a drink. ^^

The full set!

The mushroom soup is really nice! :D I recommend it.

I ordered a medium well steak, and it was served correctly (read a review saying that they under cooked). I left it sizzling on the hot plate for too long and the veggies and potatoes got charred ): Overall, the steak was well-cooked and yummy, though there's nothing special about it. I highly recommend the mushroom soup, after all XD

Find out more about Olio Cafe below:
No. 1 Sengkang Square, #01-14/15
Compass Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 545078

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[Event] MANGA Festival 2013

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

So there was a little festival promoting manga and to accept only authentic goods in Singapore last weekend. I missed both the lecture and the autograph session because I had other stuff going on T.T However, I hopped over to the exhibition at Arts House after practice and came back in time for choir dinner LOL.

It was a really small but cosy exhibition in the gallery, and I initially thought that I was at the wrong place because so many NUS students were around acting as ushers X) Turns out there was a hall production going on the same night.

The first thing to spot after entering XD
You could get a bag with a small freebie if you completed their survey. The bags came in 3 colours :D Bookshelves of several titles, but I was only attracted to the Miku illustrations, and this:

Too cute already *A* So much Danbo! The pictures will melt your heart. You can't see it in the pictures, but the edges were quite crumpled, most likely because so many people flipped it LOL.

Walk over to the inner area, and fangirl over all the vocaloid art <3

Kaito is too cute!

Miku looking pensive while the twins have loads of fun

Carefully protected in glass cabinets!

There was also a promotion of an application that would allow you to browse legal Japanese manga on your phone, and simulates the flipping motion as well.

Find out more about Manga Festival 2013 below:

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more ramble

, by dollonstrings

Happy Lunar New Year! I hope everyone got plenty of money to buy new lolita clothes~

I played mahjong twice and only lost a total of $2.50 =)
This was my last win before we ended the game. A zimo with 2 tai. :)

ZT showed me this pretty place and we're planning a lolita picnic sometime here =)

                                              A little while ago I had a photoshoot with Maa-tan!
You can see the full album here 

Maa-tan wasn't feeling very well that day, so kudos and otsukare~ many thanks for the opportunity. =)

School will be ending soon for me, so I'll be back very soon with more lolita-related stuff. Just keep watching!

PS: I've added some items to the Misc. Sales page! Hop on by and happy shopping!



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[Personal] DIY (:

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Valentine's day is coming! Today's post will be mainly a picture post, of a DIY house my sisters and I made as a wedding gift for my cousin's wedding earlier this month! The theme of the house was a romantic chocolate shop.

Before shots

Just a messy mumbo jumbo

After shots/close-ups!

Here's a sneak peek!

Ta-da! Everything except for the hinged door

Mr Mouse pays a visit! 


An aerial view!
There was -supposed- be a chandelier, but the beads they gave us were too small and we didn't have time to find a suitable replacement, so =\

Ending off this post with aglio olio, made by friends and yours truly. It is awesome.

Signing off,


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[Psych] Mind games: You are what you wear?

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

If you wear a white coat that you believe belongs to a doctor, your ability to pay attention increases sharply. But if you wear the same white coat believing it belongs to a painter, you will show no such improvement.

In my previous psych post, I wrote about how thoughts can influence actions, namely the correlation between body perception and eventual weight. For this article, it talks about enclothed cognition, how what you wear and what you think you are wearing, can influence psychological processes.

Maybe that's why it is easier for people to feel more confident in smart attire, feel more sexy in revealing attire, or feel more like a vampire in vampire wear at Halloween etc. The clothes have symbolic meaning attached, and these symbolic meanings can influence our psychological processes.

To test this idea, researchers Adam and Galinsky got together 58 undergraduates in an initial study, with half of them wearing disposable lab coats. Selective attention was measured by a Stroop task, the classic test in which participants are instructed to name the color of a word flashed on a computer screen, while ignoring the word itself.

An example of a Stroop Test

In the experiments they conducted (they did a total of 3), it was found that priming alone (just seeing the coat) was not enough, you had to be physically wearing it and knowing the symbolic meaning attached.

Now I wonder, if I start associating my clothes with 'studious' and 'hardworking' and 'determined', or starting wearing studious/nerdy clothing, will I start getting better grades... Or does/can the effect wear off?

As with all studies, take the results with a pinch of salt. The benchmark for statistical significance is somewhat arbitrarily defined, after all. In addition, effect size (how much is the increase in attention) is not known. It is quite unlikely a person will become 200% more attentive once he dons a lab coat associated with a doctor.

You can view the original article on ScienceDirect, but you will need to pay $31.50 D: But all is not lost, you can read a well summarised version on The New York Times here.

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何歳ですか。(How old are you?)

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

It was my birthday recently! Peppered with little celebrations and dinners over the week(s). XD Not forgetting pictures from Streetangels!

Random fact: I have 2 birthdays (not counting my lunar calendar one). 22nd Jan is my real birthday, but on my birth certificate it reads 21st Jan because the nurse saw the wrong date. Why is it still unchanged? I have to pay $50 to get it changed, so heck. ._. It is kinda unique, anyway. :P

Read more under the cut to see more food, presents and little tidbits!

And of course, birthdays are celebrated with close friends and family! So I had a couple of dinners with different groups of people XD First was with my family, then with uni friends, and stnicks friends :D

Miso Hot Pot at Ministry of Food
The Ministry of Food has a wide selection of Western and Japanese cuisine, each provided for by a different restaurant! Right next to it was a Nabe buffet, which I will definitely go back to try! ^.^

Cake from Breadtalk! Yummy :D
I know I used to find my birthday really sad because when I was in primary school and secondary school, my birthday would never get celebrated in the first year because by the time the whole contacts list was out, my birthday would be over D: Such a childish thought, now to think of it XD

Will be updating this post with a picture of myself, wearing birthday gift from uni friends!

Signing off,


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