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Happy Lunar New Year! I hope everyone got plenty of money to buy new lolita clothes~

I played mahjong twice and only lost a total of $2.50 =)
This was my last win before we ended the game. A zimo with 2 tai. :)

ZT showed me this pretty place and we're planning a lolita picnic sometime here =)

                                              A little while ago I had a photoshoot with Maa-tan!
You can see the full album here 

Maa-tan wasn't feeling very well that day, so kudos and otsukare~ many thanks for the opportunity. =)

School will be ending soon for me, so I'll be back very soon with more lolita-related stuff. Just keep watching!

PS: I've added some items to the Misc. Sales page! Hop on by and happy shopping!


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  1. The area looks really pretty <3 too bad I don't have loli clothes to match ._. or it just might~!

    Overfly by Haruna Luna is lovely. I kinda preferred her pre-debut voice though, more unique. On that note, we need to go K together! After my concert ^^