[Food] Set lunch at Olio Cafe

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

I was feeling particularly generous after a successful month of saving up for my new goals this year, so I decided to have just one meal that is more expensive than my usual food fare. Was supposed to meet up with dollonstrings to pass her her items from taobao, so I decided to try lunch outside!

Olio Cafe has 3 branches, including one at Lot One and City Square Mall.

Photos taken with my iPhone because I was lazy to bring a camera XD

Concentric circles as part of their decor.

I had one of their lunch set specials, which cost me about $22.50 after GST and service charge. It included a main course, a soup and a drink. ^^

The full set!

The mushroom soup is really nice! :D I recommend it.

I ordered a medium well steak, and it was served correctly (read a review saying that they under cooked). I left it sizzling on the hot plate for too long and the veggies and potatoes got charred ): Overall, the steak was well-cooked and yummy, though there's nothing special about it. I highly recommend the mushroom soup, after all XD

Find out more about Olio Cafe below:
No. 1 Sengkang Square, #01-14/15
Compass Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 545078

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