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, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Here comes another picture-filled foodie post! Both restaurants featuring Japanese food ^_^

My sister wanted to treat her siblings as a birthday present, so I got a free treat at DANRO Japanese Hot Pot Buffet \o/

Each table had a shared hotpot, and we chose two of the recommended soups: chicken with milk (left) and chicken with miso (right).

Each patron would also get a complimentary rice stick, also known as riritanpo! Since our table had 3 people, it really reminded us of joss sticks >.>

And we only got a single set of scoops! D: It would be nice if each one of us had a set though.

Other than the raw food which you would cook in the hot pot, the restaurant also has some pre-fried items you can eat to satisfy those hunger pangs while waiting for your food to cook!

Look at the selection!

Onsen eggs!

Lots of vegetables to choose from!
There was a large selection of vegetables, and 4 types of meat to choose from! You could also get fish, but we didn't like the fish because it was the type that was thawed from frozen fish, and not the freshly cut kind.

How the soups looked after cooking food in them
We felt that the milk soup base was better for cooking food in because the food would take on the milk taste, which was yummy! Food cooked in the miso soup did not take up much of the miso taste, but the soup tasted a lot better to us!

All in all, a pleasant sisterly experience!

DANRO Japanese Hot Pot Buffet
Serangoon NEX

On another day, I had a very sleepy lunch with choir roomies at Holland Village. 2/3 of us went home to sleep after that XD We went to Yoshimaru Ramen where students could get 10% off their ramen! The soup base is on the salty side, and there was a variety of spicy ramen to choose from!

Matcha Icecream with Red Bean Paste & Mochi ^^
Yoshimaru Ramen Bar
31 Lorong Liput Holland Village
Singapore 277742

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