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, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

School and choir is going to enter the crucial periods now XD I wanted to blog about this photoshoot since some time ago, but got too lazy to >.> But I am finally blogging about it!

dollonstrings and I headed to Punggol Park to take photos ^.^ Our location was at the Heartwave Wall, 1km from the entrance. And while it sounded okay on paper, when you add the heat and whatever else you're carrying, it becomes quite tough XD All photos courtesy of dollonstrings, thank you so much <3

But we made it after all! My favourite picture of the lot:

Because my smile is *kirakira*
We had some adventurous shots by sitting on them railings:

-estimating drop-

-pretends it doesn't exist- XD
The place had a huge waterfall-like construction, but there were smaller water areas as well.

I like the editing in this one 8D

I like this one a lot too.  Can't put my finger on why.
After we had a morning full of photo-taking, we took an LRT ride to MacDonalds. XD Too bad I wasn't feeling well, or we would make a trip to another location for photos. But it is never too late to take more photos, so we will eventually get there. ^^v

On the subject of photoshoots, I am still hoping to receive my photos shot professionally at a studio, with makeup also done professionally, because I volunteered to be a face model. ^_^ The photos were supposed to be ready a month after the shoot was done, but it has been two months now and no news from the makeup artist u.u I hope I eventually do receive them.

Ending off this post with another *kirakira* smile:

Signing off,


  1. All of these are the dropbox pictures. XDDD I did more colour editing on those!

  2. Well those were all you sent me XD I try not to download and re-upload from FB if possible, the quality gets affected.