[Personal] Wanderings on Yong Siak Street

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Spent a Friday afternoon walking along Yong Siak Street with a friend ^_^ Thank you for coming <3 Will be featuring a few places, and random pictures in between!

Books Actually

Knew of this bookstore several years ago, when a choir mate introduced me to it. Finally proud that I bought a book from them instead of random postcards XD

Front view from across the street



Features many cool places in Singapore! 
I think this book will be useful for finding new places/areas to explore, and to bring my friends to wen they come visit XD Retails at $20.


Such a cool display window!!
Situated right next to Books Actually, this is a store full of quirky things! Sells popsicles of several flavours, such as Strawberry Jasmine & Banana Dark Choc, ranging from $4-$5. I bought one, but forgot to take pictures >.>

Interesting way of using broken porcelain!


Most food eateries do not open between 3pm-6pm, with the exception of cafes. Settled for Poteato instead of Open Door Policy because of price :P Price range for a main course is around $15 average. Vegetarian choices are limited to the mushroom Aglio Olio and sandwiches =\

Menu has interesting health facts on potaytoes!

Bangers and Mash @ $15! Very filling.
No GST and service charge, though you are free to tip ^_^ The potatoes are really good! I would like to come back to try the sweet potato fries :DD


Alongside a canel.
Interesting sign at Forty Hands! Says ' Go Away' when you turn it upside down.

With love,


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