[Photoshoot] A day in dollonstring's wardrobe

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

dollonstrings had wanted to do wardrobe post for some time now (since January actually), but with schedules clashing and all sorts of unexpected events, we turn out to be only having the shoot a little more than a week ago XD

I don't have a photographer's eye, so my comments won't be very constructive =\ But hey! I love her photos (:

What is my face doing? ._.

I like my head proportion in this. Looks un-square. XDDD

This dress is prettay <3

I look like I have too much eye white in this XD

The printed tights!!

Yep. Just got KO-ed.

The scarf!! So pretty!

Because face looks smaller hahahahaha. And my hair looks nicer.

Sleeping. My favourite pose now.

Reading books again. Once in forest, now in house. 

Again, because the dress really very nice.

Going to dollonstring's house is like walking through wonderland. There's so many pretty and quirky and interesting clothes in her cupboards which you can mix and match :DD

FYI, we also have a planned collab with other photogs on a very special place to have a shoot sometime later this month <3 The venue is absolutely gorgeous, and dollonstrings has very kindly agreed to lend me a dress :D Really hope for the venue to work out (:

With love,

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  1. I'm glad you liked the photos! Hope that the shoot later on goes okay. New lens!