[Event] AKB48 Meet & Greet at Tokyo Auto Salon

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

While writing this, my reports and 10+ research papers are all open XD So this is going to be a really short and quick post!

It was a pretty last minute decision to attend the AKB48 Meet & Greet yesterday, when dollonstrings mentioned that she wanted to go. Though I'm not a fan of AKB48, I like some of their music and respect them for the hard work they put into being members of AKB48, so I decided to accompany dollonstrings to the Meet & Greet session (:

dollonstrings decided to go in Lolita, so I decided to join in as well :DD

Finally, a selca XD
The session started promptly at 3.30pm which was the time stated on the poster (but not the one in the schedule. It was a really rushed session as well, with fans only allowed to high-five all members, but no photos, no autographs, no touching anywhere else, no gifts, no chitchat etc, and they had security standing in one row opposite the girls to ensure that all these rules were adhered to. No idea what's the rush for anyway =\ Only 500 fans in the moshpit were allowed for the Meet & Greet. If you didn't get moshpit pass, you will have to contend with standing on the outside.

AKB48 Girls taking photos for the opening ceremony.

Try and spot the row of AKB48 girls. Pretty tight security.

dollonstrings commented that under the sunlight, my face looked really red. I commented her face was all glittery XD Her bronzer from Etude House was really more glitter than anything else.

Both our coordinates :D Really like dollonstring's stockings! 
Coordinate details:
Blouse: Magical Tea Party
One Piece: Dear Celine
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

I finally have a full picture of my Dear Celine OP \o/ Photo taken by Yuichirou-san, who I met at the Tokyo Auto Salon XD

Some notable care pictures:


Finally found the car with Hatsune Miku~~

I really wonder if all that extra white boards will gain the car more points.

Signing off,


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