[Personal] Gifts from Japan! \o/

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Just recently, I received a parcel from Japan! \o/

Carefully wrapped with lots of bubble wrap and a rainbow sticker!
So many things :DD

Presents for?

The gifts were from Kaila, blogger of Rainbowholic! In February, I had participated in her Big Blog Giveaway, and the Japan Essay Writing Contest! And guess what? I got selected as 1 of the 5 notable/striking entries!! :D :D You can click on the link to read all of the 8 essays (: Mine is below:


My Japanese Dream

My contact with Japanese culture started when I was really young, watching Mandarin-dubbed Japanese anime on early mornings on weekends. I was ‘trained’ to become an early riser even on weekends when I was a child just so I could catch Digimon and Akazukin Cha Cha on TV every morning :P Subsequently, I chanced upon my favourite animes of all time: Sailormoon and Cardcaptor Sakura! I was really mesmerised with the shows back then (and now), and that was what planted the seed of love for Japanese culture in me. As I grew older, what really attracted me to Japan was its people. Japanese people are very generous and very kind! They made me want to give back to them more than what they have given me. When I interacted with Japanese guests (as part of my part-time work), they were always very appreciative of whatever I did for them, even if it was part of my job. As luck would have it, I currently run a J-culture & nonsense blog under Japanese moniker 雨夜, and am also a contributing J-addict for Japanese-based company, Anibee! They have given me many opportunities to try out Japanese fashion, Japanese food and attend related exhibitions!

In recent years, I have also stepped into several J-culture circles! Fashion styles such as Gyaru and Lolita, and I’ve even tried meido (: Though not a cosplayer, I have helped out at a few cosplay events, and once again, the people have touched my heart very much with their humility and expertise (both Japanese and non-Japanese)! I would definitely keep on helping out (: Another circle that I absolutely enjoy now is Vocaloid music! It wows me with how much creativity people have within themselves, to give these voices a liveable character through songs (: Being a long-time chorister, Japanese music has formed a substantial portion of the songs in my iPhone now XD The diversity that Japanese choral songs have is also something that fascinates me.

In Singapore, there was much advertising put into Japanese pop culture back in early 2000s. I remember seeing ads on Ayumi Hamasaki, Do As Infinity and Nakashima Mika whenever their new albums came out. Advertising was my primary source of information before the rise of the Internet. The K-pop wave came quickly enough, and partly because of the marketing strategies of K-pop and J-pop, J-pop became largely unheard of pretty quickly. However, there are still several J-culture events that Singapore has to allow fans to come together to share interests and exchange information! Singapore has traditional events such as Natsu Matsuri and huge anime conventions such as Anime Festival Asia to keep giving J-lovers a place to keep in touch with Japanese culture and for new fans to experience the passion J-lovers have.

Personally, I find that much of the diversity in Japanese pop culture and subcultures get disseminated to the world much more than other pop cultures, but I would have to admit that I’m biased :P It might be just me craving for more Japanese information, so I see more of it than any other culture (formally called confirmatory bias, by the psychologist in me XD). Singapore’s pop culture is largely influenced by English and Mandarin pop, though Korean & Japanese influences are creeping in fast, especially from the fashion and cosmetics end. Gyaru and ulzzang (Korean for ‘best face’) are very popular styles here. ^_^

Every culture is unique, and what is considered desirable and undesirable behaviours would differ. I feel that each culture would have their own black sheep, so it is sad to see others labelling other cultures as bad simply because of a small group of extreme people, or because people in this culture do not think it is desirable to exhibit this behaviour. I hope that everyone will learn more about each other’s culture, and have an open heart to accommodate each other and teach by example (:

My Japanese dream would definitely be to travel to Japan one day (hopefully in 2014 after I graduate). It would be an eye-opener to experience the culture first-hand! I also hope that through my humble blog, I can share what I will experience with my readers and inspire them to come to Japan too! Lastly, I would love to work with more Japanese people through my part-time work to show them my beautiful country, and to give back what they have selflessly given me.



Message from Kaila <3

Sakura kitkat!


Accessories from enji! Loving the necklace!

Burst out laughing after seeing the back of the pocky package lol!

Some sweets and stickers ((:

Postcards from Japonista!! She's so cute-looking!!

Once again, thank you so much, Kaila! (I can't seem to thank you enough XD) Kaila is an inspirational blogger, bringing lots of Japan information and kawaii goodness to the international platform :DD


Through her blog, I also found many other cute blogs to follow <3

Find our more about her below:

With love,


  1. ♡ Omedetou! Kaila's package are always a delight! ♡

    1. Thank you Tracy <3<3 Hope to receive a wonderful package from you soon too (when I have enough to buy a bow or two) :DD

      With love,