[Taobao] Yayness!

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Items I ordered from TaoBao finally arrived :DDDD

I was browsing for cute anime merchandise when I came across this. Since Kuroko no Basuke is quite popular, I considered getting it as gifts to friends when I meet them at conventions! Now they're so cute I'm considering keeping this to myself and buying another set for friends XD Close-ups below!

Even the paper bag has KnB. Genderbend cosplay, anyone?

Postcards! One of each member plus Tagami and one for the full team.

Badges :D Midorima is so cute :D

Also got myself some new cashbooks XD These are smaller and cheaper from the one I got in Artbox, which lasted me for a year. I need places to record my expenses or I don't know what will happen to my finances OTL Although it might be easier to record electronically, I prefer writing them down. (:

Bought new masks from TaoBao as well! This time, it's the Taiwan Brand: Sexylook! This special package contains 6 each of their best-selling masks, a total of 36 masks!

Did an online check on the packaging and the mask names, and they do exist on other online buying platforms like Yahoo TW and Sunnanz. Sexylook masks retail and about $1 per piece, and these masks I bought are about $0.90 a piece. Hope to be posting a review on these masks soon! ^_^

There's always the chance of counterfeit when you buy from TaoBao, so unless you really trust the seller and the prices are not drastically different, then it should be safe to buy (:

Other items I got were a blouse for Lolita. It's really pretty! Can't wait to wear it with my Infanta JSK (Jumperskirt)! :DD

With love,


  1. Cool stuff ≧◉◡◉≦
    Taobao looks so awesome but I live in Finland and have no idea how to order from there ⁀⊙﹏☉⁀

    xxx, Lara

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Some places have agents to help you buy things from Taobao (: If not, Taobao actually accepts major credit cards now, so if you can find someone who can understand the website for you, you can buy things from there too ^_^