10 more days~!

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

I will be attending all 3 days of AFA.ID! Been so blessed to receive free concert tickets from the ARCC organiser because I will be helping out backstage. Holiday-turned-volunteer haha! I've been trying to pick up some Indonesia phrases even though most can speak English/Japanese XD

Please let me meet Kalafina >.< 

Since I have 20kg baggage allowance (my travel partner needs the allowance and Jetstar doesn't allow baggage allowance selection by passenger), I will be bringing Lolita :D Petticoat, loli bag and heavy shoes and all XDD Too bad I don't have a loliable wig, or that will go into the luggage as well. XD

Got myself the AP mook from Kino. :D

Went out to select lovely presents for the kind organisers who got us free concert tickets! Will be bringing 7D dried mango that I bought from PH to ID for Reika yay! Reika is such a sweetheart >.<

Can't wait to meet all the friends I made in AFA.SG last year too! Sora, Echow, Konnichi, Miya, Menk, Richie, Emi, Yoga, Zhuge and more :DD Plus making new friends :D

And of course, bringing my new camera just to take photo with Kalafina hoping to bring backstage exclusives LOLOL.

Judges Unite: backstage exclusive by yours truly XD

August is almost completely gone! I've gone completely off my set blogging schedule because school's been rough (final year thesis woes) plus I was gone for a weekend in Philippines competing in a choir competition. I considered blogging about it but considering the scope this blog covers, probably not XD Maybe next time (:

But still. Say hi to my choir family (:
Will be going back to Naoki Yoshihara by ASH soon to get my hair cut because my bangs are now non-existent XD Stay tuned for a post on that if you like XD

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Black Box - July Edition -

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Black Box is a bi-monthly subscription box service in Singapore and provides customers an easy-to-follow, easy-to-order lifestyle kit for FREE. In it contains a balanced selection of beauty, lifestyle, home and shopping categories.

Different boxes contain different things, and they helpfully provide a list of the possible items.

What I received

SUPER Charcoal Roasted Ipoh White Coffee 

I rarely drink coffee, but these look tempting!

I SERIOUSLY DOUBT this product (no offense, really), but how does it work without glucose XD

Cetaphil Cleanser + Loreal Extraordinary Oil
Brought these two products on my Manila trip because they were small! XD The cleanser gives a pretty clean feeling without tightness, and seems to be able to clean off light makeup as well.  The Loreal Extraordinary Oil does reduce frizz and leaves hair shiny and manageable.

Purer Skin Miracle Serum
Description: Rejuvenates skin by visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking younger and more radiant.

Not sure about the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles since I have so little, but it did leave my skin looking more radiant!

Face Shop Real Nature Face Mask Sheet + Jane Iredale Glowtime Full Coverage BB Cream

Vouchers! My favourite part of the box.

Have you received your July Black Box yet? Subscribe early for better chances! I subscribed back in March and missed their April box because it was full T.T Even then, the June box was delayed by a month due to overwhelming subscriber response.

LIKE them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BlackBoxSG) to participate in their weekly Giveaway Fridays!

P.S. Currently, Black Box is not the only FREE service! Check out BrandBox!

With love,


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