[Foodie] W39 Bistro

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

Had a quick outing with friends at the west end of Singapore!

I found this cafe from an article posted on herworldplus.

Even though we came on a Sunday, the cafe was not crowded as we had expected, so walk-ins are likely to be available. A little bit on the 'ulu' side because only a few buses go there, and if you miss one, the waiting time is about ~20mins OTL Thankfully there is more than one bus you can take, but all from different bus stops around Clementi xD

Because we were a large group of about 5-6 people, they gave us the 10-seater table xD

Some shots of the internal decor:

The lights above our table!
Lovely displays to entice you!

The cafe has breakfast available till 3pm on weekends \o/ I was really hungry though, so I ordered a main below:

Braised Lamb Shank Mushroom Panini, Salad ($13)
You can check out the rest of their menu on their website! If you want pictures, check out their FB! Look at the sample of foods you can get!

From W39 Bistro FB.

The food is good and decently priced, definitely a must-try! No GST charge, only 10% service charge (: Only thing is that there is no shelter from the bus stop to the bistro, so pack an umbrella, especially in this rainy December. (:

There was an artist decorating their windows when we were there, so you will be just in time to enjoy the Christmassy art :D


Find out more about W39 Bistro:
39 Jalan Mas Puteh
Singapore 128637
Reservations: 96465372


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[Foodie] Kazan Ramen @ Liang Court

, by 雨夜 [アマヤ]

After almost 1+ month of 'I want to blog' & 'I will blog' thoughts, I am finally back here XD

I took a day off studying to collect my Hello Japan! goodie bag from their main office at Liang Court, and treated myself to a good bowl of ramen XD

Tonkotsu Kazen has been around for some time, though the Liang Court branch only opened this August!

Some shots of the interior decorations:

The table comes with different types of condiments and instructions on how to cook your rice/ramen:

Even with a helpful hourglass to keep time XD
The basic ramen is well worth your money at $12, with a few pieces of chashu and a half-egg. I ended up getting 1.5 eggs in my bowl because I thought the egg is the picture was for illustration purposes only LOL.


The karamiso (spicy miso) option is really quite spicy T.T I let the paste sit in the soup for a bit before pushing it to the side so the broth doesn't get too spicy for me XD

The orange paste on top is the spicy miso! 

Thin, springy noodles!
Also tried the Kazan Ramen branch over at Novena, but I honestly think the Liang Court one is better. The chashu is more well-cooked at the Liang Court branch as compared to the Novena branch, which was too dry.

Plus! My events page has finally been updated to speed (lagging since September LOL). Go check it out, and drop me a note if you're going to be at any of the events! (^^)

Also went to collect the goodie bag I won from Hello Japan! Mostly publicity collateral, but the file and the yellow toy came in handy XD

Signing off,


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