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Thanks for visiting (: I do go by many nicknames online and offline, but the usual one is Lizzie.

"雨夜" Amaya (アマヤ) - means 'night rain' in Japanese. Quiet, peaceful, enriching while the world slumbers.

I hope to use this space to document interesting events and work assignments that I get in more detail and colour. I hope to look back in this space and see a life full of fulfilment, joy and satisfaction.

I am an avid lover of Japan (but I still haven't been there T.T) and enjoy attending events related to Japan, such as fashion, cosmetics, clothes, cosplay, anime, games etc. I also love food, so look out for posts exploring foodie areas in Singapore. I'm trying to travel more to see the sights, so you can look forward to travel posts too!

A little more about me:
Student (BVPS, NCPS, SNGS, HCI, NUS FASS Psychology Major)
Chorister (SNGS, HCI College, ONE)

Check out dollonstrings below! She posts more exotic and pretty posts so do look out for them!

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Enjoy ((: