Here is where you find reviews on sellers and goods that we have bought from Taobao!
We hope that it will help you in your purchases.

We also provide buying services from time to time. Do comment on the post or email us if you are interested (:

Check out the posts below for more information:

Taobao Buying Service

How it Works

Email with the name, URL, colour/size/detail and price of the item that you want to purchase. Please also include the country you are from.
We'll invoice you for the base price of your items first, before ordering them.
When the items reach us, we'll invoice you for the cost of shipping from China to us, and then for the cost of shipping from here to you.
We will only invoice in SGD (Singapore Dollars)
If your items are out of stock, we will refund you.

Breakdown of costs.
The exchange rate is 4.65 RMB: 1SGD.
Kuaidi (domestic shipping within China from the seller to our agent).
Agent's fee: 10%
Our handling fee: 50 cents per item (waived if you buy multiple of the exact same item).
Shipping from China to Singapore: $6/500g for air, $4/500g for sea.
Shipping from Singapore to you: see for rates. I will ship via registered airmail.

Air shipment takes about 5-7 days to reach SG. Airmail from here to you will probably take two weeks or more, depending on which country you are from.
Sea shipping takes about 20 days.
Please note that the paypal claim window will almost definitely expire before you get your items if you're choosing the sea option.

Your item will therefore cost [item price in RMB + kuaidi]/4.65 * 1.1 + 0.5 + shipping to SG + shipping to you + 5% paypal fee.

If you're paying via paypal, I will request to see some feedback. =)
Locals may pay via bank transfer or meetup to our absolute convenience. Collection of items may be done via meetup (not at conventions or lolita meets, thank you) or we can mail the items to you for the cost of mailing + bubble envelope.

Amaya and I have bought many many goodies from taobao. =X
In my experience, cheaping out and buying the $5 clothes will get you nothing but crap, but if you spend a bit more to get the better stuff, it's really great, and still cheaper than what you buy in SG. =)
If you need more help or advice choosing items or understanding our terms, please feel free to contact either of us.

PS: for local lolitas buying lolita clothing, I'll waive the 50 cents handling anyway. ;)

-dollonstrings signing out- ;)


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